Talking Book Reader 1.3

New in 1.8

Opening books from other applications such as Files or Google Drive works better, plus additional bugs fixed.

About the application

With Talking Book Reader iOS application, your plain text (.txt) documents become audio books. Simply copy files into the application via iTunes File Sharing, select the book you want to read and enjoy reading!


- Simple, easy-to-use user interface available in English and Hungarian
- Built-in help available in English and Hungarian
- Automatic bookmarking when you stop reading
- Control reading by using your remote control capable headset
- Thanks to iOS built-in voices, you can read books in foreign languages
- Full VoiceOver support
- You can read the book with your eyes while you listen to the book

You may find this application useful if:

- You are blind or have low vision and you can't read with your eyes
- You have reading disability and reading and listening simultaneously helps you better understand what you are reading
- You are a student and you have to learn long materials
- You like to read books or business materials in your car while you are driving

Available on the iOS App Store.

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